All-on-4 treatment is the technique in which fixed prosthetic restoration is performed on 4 implants to the single jaw bone by surgical operation.

What are the advantages of the All On Four implant technique?

We can list the advantages of All On Four treatment as follows:

It offers the opportunity to make a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure for patients who are completely edentulous.
The operation is easier since no advanced surgical procedures such as sinus lift surgery, bone addition are performed.
Dental implant surgery time is shorter.
It provides aesthetic appearance and smile line, which can be planned individually, and smile aesthetics.
It is suitable for patients with nausea reflex who cannot use removable dental prosthesis.
Its design is different from full dental prostheses (palate). Since the patient does not cover the palate, it is easier to get used and used.

Who can apply the All On Four implant technique?

All On Four treatment can be applied to all full toothless (no female) patients who do not have any systemic disease that will interfere with dental implant surgery and have sufficient bone volume. Ama unutmamak gerekir ki diş eti hastalığı sadece ağız bakımı eksikliğinden oluşmaz. Dişlerin çapraşıklığı, ağızda ki çürük dişlerin varlığı, yanlış ya da kötü yapılmış kaplamaların varlığı, hatalı çiğneme kuvvetleri de diş eti hastalığına neden olabilir. Ayrıca hamilelik sırasında ya da diabet gibi bazı sistemik hastalıklar ile birlikte de diş eti hastalığına daha yatkın hale gelebilirsiniz.

Will I have pain after all on four procedures?

As with any dental implant operation, some pain and swelling can be seen after the procedure. However, these complaints can be easily controlled with the medicines you will use in accordance with the advice of your doctor.

Treatment of gum disease is simple in most cases. The rst treatment consists of professional cleaning, which is usually done by the dentist by removing dental stones and plaque around the dental tissues using special tools and devices. Since then, the patient cleans his teeth with the help of a brush, dental oss and an interface brush and completes the rst step of the treatment.

Surgical procedures under local anesthesia are called peridontal operations to treat enlarged, pulled gums, cavities due to melting of the alveolar bone and bone resorption. In these operations, auxiliary biomaterials such as membrane and bone graft are used by targeting the regeneration of lost tissues. Controls are required at intervals of 3-6 months after operations.

I’m very afraid of the surgery?

All On Four procedure is a procedure that can be easily performed under local anesthesia. However, it can also be performed under sedation or general anesthesia in patients with high levels of anxiety and fear.

in 1 day
Implant Treatment

In our polyclinic, you can have your implant treatment done in 1 day!

Implant Treatment

In our outpatient clinic, All On Four treatment is applied to patients who have no teeth.