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We are at your service as Beylikdüzü Dental Clinic with its friendly team and understanding that adds value to you and your health.

We offer international experiences with our experienced physicians. We provide the most comfortable conditions for our patients coming from abroad. Our clinics provide services at international standards. We are in a leading position in the sector with our call center services, website services, VIP patient transfer services, accommodation and translation services.

As Beylikdüzü Dental Clinic, we provide services to our patients coming from outside the city or abroad with our regularly disinfected VIP vehicles. Our patients who are taken from the airport or bus station are brought to our clinic under VIP conditions. If the transactions will be delayed to the next day or the next days, we provide 5-star accommodation service.

Why Choose Us?

With our long years of clinical experience, tens of thousands of treatments and satisfied patients, we have always offered a patient-centered approach to aesthetic and conservative dentistry, using all the possibilities offered by dental science and technology.

During this time, we have adopted the principle of applying our treatment plans with a holistic approach, rather than restoring only one tooth when examining our patients. With a multidisciplinary perspective, we have kept our healthcare team up-to-date so that our patients can receive better service in the area where each doctor is an expert.

With the development of digital technologies, which represent the future of dentistry, and their entry into daily life, the restructuring of the dentistry industry has become inevitable. While we were talking about implants 10 years ago, today digital technologies, 3D scanners, 3D printers and digital smile designs are on our agenda.
As Beylikdüzü Dental Clinic, we follow the latest and the technology. We are moving forward with innovative approaches.

Leading Brand Surgical Group Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics

We design the surgical guide preparation with the Cad Cam device and complete our treatments in a single session, so that crown, veneer, inlay and onlay, bridge and even implant operations can be performed more precisely in a single session. In pediatric dentistry, we can treat 3-year-old children with a rubber dam. A dental dam is a special rubber coating that separates the treated tooth from the oral environment for a healthier treatment. In orthodontics, we often use “Invisalign” treatments, which are the method of the future, and orthodontics with clear aligners.

*If you want a modern approach to cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, smile design,
* If you need implant treatment for your missing teeth,
* If you want a more striking smile with gum aesthetics,
*If you want orthodontic treatment If you wish to be free from crooked teeth
* If you are looking for one-time treatment solutions for your teeth that keep you up at night…

Our doctors apply the treatment plan to you faster and more conveniently and stick to you. With increasing excitement every day. We and our team are always on duty.
Surgical Group Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, which is the Beylikdüzü Dental Clinic, performs the most accurate procedures for you at any time. We are the leader of the sector with our experienced expert staff. Our clinics and specialists, who follow the developing and advancing technological approaches and new generation treatment methods, follow the most permanent and holistic approaches for you.


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