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Aesthetic Dentistry

What is Smile Design? (Hollywood Smile)

Smile design is a process performed to correct the structure of aesthetically damaged teeth. It is also known as aesthetic smile design and Hollywood smile. Using the patient’s existing smile photographs of the tooth and surrounding tissues with the help of a computer; It is about designing an ideal smile by making changes in tooth forms, sizes, postures and gingival levels, and transferring this designed smile to the patient through processes applied to the teeth (laminate, zirconium, full ceramic).

What is smile aesthetics? Smile Design is also called “Smile Design” in English and is also known among the public as “Hollywood Smile or Hollywood Smile Design”. It is a set of studies aimed at creating the desired smile by using many techniques together. It aims to give a natural smile.

Decayed teeth are treated before smile design. Then, treatment is applied according to your facial structure, age and gender. You can have the smile you have been dreaming of by taking advantage of the Hollywood smile aesthetics process at our dentistry in Istanbul.

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The main goal in the process of achieving smile aesthetics with smile design is to design the smile that best suits the patient’s mouth structure and to achieve a natural smile. The dentist listens to the patient in detail, the necessary images and photographs are taken, and a smile design is prepared by taking into account the face, teeth, jaw and character characteristics, thanks to the software. Smile design is a holistic and multidisciplinary treatment. The main goal is to protect the patient’s oral health, maximize oral aesthetics and provide an aesthetic smile.

Thanks to digital software, dentists determine the perfect harmony between the patient’s tooth structure, gums, lips and face. In this way, it creates a natural and aesthetic smile for the individual. In digital smile design, a patient-oriented dental design and treatment is performed. The smile that suits each person is different. That’s why dentists design the smile that best suits the individual.
In digital smile design, it takes two sessions to create the design and display it in the mouth.

Dentists take the patient’s records in the first session. Then, in the second session, the smile design created for the patient using digital software is presented to the patient. If the patient approves the design made after the digital smile design program, the necessary work begins immediately. If revisions need to be made, digital smile design may take three sessions.

When we come to the stages of Digital Smile Design, a sequence as follows awaits you;

First appointment in digital smile design:
Measurements of the current form of the patient’s teeth are taken.
Inside, outside and face photos are taken from different angles.
The patient is shown examples of before/after events that have been done before by the dentist.
With the help of the records taken, an individual smile design is made.
Second appointment in digital smile design:
Necessary processes for the patient’s teeth and gums are carried out.
Impressions of the prepared teeth are taken.
Teeth are started to be produced in accordance with the smile design previously presented to the patient.
The smile design process is completed in approximately 7-10 days.
In prosthetic smile design, implant treatment, orthodontic treatment, prosthetic dental applications and gum treatments are performed together. In this way, the most real smile is designed based on all the applications used in dentistry. Of course, the time period mentioned above varies depending on the smile design that includes these treatments.

Smile Design is performed with different applications depending on the nature of the dental problem:

Lamina Veneer (leaf teeth),
Emax veneers,
Porcelain fillings
, Teeth Whitening (Bleaching),
Pink White Aesthetic (Bleaching)
, Zirconium coatings,
Orthodontic treatments
. These treatments are used in smile design according to the needs of the patient. Processes vary depending on the needs and wishes of each patient.

First of all, if your teeth are crooked, if you have unusual discolorations and stains on your teeth, if your teeth are irregular in length, if you think they look bad, if there is a problem with the appearance of your gums, if you have missing teeth and if there is a disproportion in the middle of your gums, having a smile design will provide you with a more comfortable smile and self-confidence. .

People of any age who do not have such problems with their teeth and want to have a smile design for Hollywood smile teeth can have a smile redesign. With implant applications, highly appreciated smiles are created even in cases of total toothlessness. 

It makes the person look younger and more dynamic.
Teeth and surrounding tissues become healthier.
The person gets a more pleasant smile and a healthier appearance.
The person’s self-confidence increases as he/she achieves the ideal smile.
He gets rid of the fear he experiences in social and business life.
Since it is mostly an aesthetic treatment, its cost is high.
It is extremely wrong that it has become a fashion trend rather than a necessity; it is a process that should be done by people who are uncomfortable with their smile.
Smile Design Usage Time
The duration of use of smile design varies depending on the treatment performed and the patient himself. Different techniques such as zirconium coating, porcelain coating and teeth whitening are used for smile design. The patient’s care for his teeth and oral health will affect the duration of use. This period varies between 5-15 years depending on the patient. We should not forget that taking care of oral and dental health prolongs our dental life and has the greatest effect on us living a quality life with healthy smiles on healthy days.

Since smile design is a personalized process, smile design prices will be different for each person. It is not possible to talk about a single pricing on a comprehensive issue such as smile design, as the need for implants or orthodontics, whether or not a gum operation will be performed, whether the veneers are zirconium, metal reinforced or laminate are factors that will significantly change the cost in terms of smile aesthetic prices. Dental aesthetic prices may vary from person to person. It would be much more accurate to determine smile design prices according to the patient’s expectations after an intraoral examination.
Smile design; It is the process of restoring aesthetically damaged teeth or gums to a natural and pleasant appearance, taking into account the patients’ facial features and needs.
Smile design periods can last a long time. However, thanks to a specialist dentist, it is completed painlessly and successfully.
Depending on the expertise and success of the dentist working on the Hollywood smile, smile designs can be permanent.
Hollywood smile prices may vary from person to person. Therefore, we recommend that you contact our expert to get an exact price.
Digital smile design is completed within an average day. In the first session; The information received from the customer is evaluated digitally and the smile recommended by the dentist is designed for the person. Meanwhile; Factors such as the customer’s facial condition, eye, ear, nose structures and chin tip are taken into consideration.
Using laser, the gums are moved to the set level. If there is a need for advanced regulation, a hard tissue and fat combined laser device is used. In white aesthetics, a smile design is created using porcelain laminates. Tooth designs are prepared and molds are transformed into permanent teeth in the laboratory.
It is a method that shows the individual who wants a smile design a permanent preview of the future before starting the treatment process. The purpose of this technique is to show the individual what their teeth will look like before they reach a point of no return.

Implants are used in the treatment of missing teeth

Mock-up application is a treatment performed without the need for anesthesia or similar tiring processes. After a mold is taken from the person to be treated, a model is made. Then, the teeth and gums are given the appropriate shape and size on this model. This resulting design is transferred to the mouth.

These are screws made of titanium that are placed inside the jawbone.

The laughing margin is an imaginary boundary that follows the incisal tips of the upper teeth area. This line enlightens the dentist about the lengths of the teeth planned to be made.
It is completed within 7-10 days unless any extra treatment or operation is required other than smile design on the teeth.
Of course, facial form is important in smile design. Your teeth, facial features and smile are a whole. This integrity and harmony should not be disrupted. Gender is as important as face shape for an aesthetic dental appearance. While women’s teeth are made with delicate and oval borders, more angular teeth are made in men.
Smile design can be applied to teeth that have a crooked alignment, discoloration and stains, or are disproportionate.
The lifespan of the smile design may vary depending on the treatment system applied and the adequacy of the dental care provided by the person. The lifespan of smile aesthetics may vary between 5-15 years.
As long as it is applied by a specialist, having a dental design does not have any harm to your health.