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Endodontics (Root Treatment)

What treatments are applied in the Endodontics Clinic?

It is the clinic where all kinds of endodontic applications are performed. Endodontics is a special field of dentistry that covers the necessary practices related to pulp treatments.

At the Endodontics Clinic, the following treatment services and more are offered to our patients:

Root Canal Treatment,
Root Canal Treatment for a Tooth with Periapical Lesion,
Intra-Canal Whitening, Repeat
Root Canal Treatment (Retreatment)

It is the process of cleaning the inflamed and infected tissue residues in the root of the tooth. After the canals are disinfected, the canals are filled. In addition, root canal treatment should be applied to teeth that cause pain due to heat, cold and eating because the decay progresses and reaches the pulp chamber.
Since the area where the procedure is performed is anesthetized during the treatment, no pain is felt.
In uncomplicated treatments, the treatment is completed in a single session.
Since the ends of the tooth are removed during root canal treatment, no pain is felt. However, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment due to infection experience pain.
In cases where root canal treatment is unsuccessful, surgical intervention may be performed on the root end of the tooth or extraction of the tooth should be considered.

There are many reasons why toothache occurs:

Tooth decay
Bone loss in teeth
Gum problems
Incorrect treatments
Teeth grinding
The most important factor is inadequate oral hygiene.

It is a method that supports both the root and the upper part of the tooth by means of a thin rod placed inside the tooth root and increases the durability of the tooth.
Metal Post Fiber Post
If there is too much loss of elements on the tooth, it is done to strengthen it before filling or veneer treatments.
There is no need for anesthesia or anesthesia as it awakens to root canal treated teeth. In this case, no pain is felt.