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Zirconium Dental Coating

Zirconium Dental Coating

The coating process made around the tooth with the help of zirconium material is called zirconium dental coating. Zirconium coating makes teeth look natural, strengthen and are resistant to wear. In this article, we will talk about what zirconium coating is and how dental coating is done.

Zirconium teeth; In prostheses bonded to the teeth, which we call classical crown bridges, first of all, a metal reinforcement is made to support the porcelain and prevent it from breaking against impacts, and the porcelain is processed on it. In crown or bridge prostheses made with zirconium, instead of this metal infrastructure, a zirconium alloy, which is white in color and has a higher resistance, although not as much as metal, is used. In this infrastructure, teeth using zirconium alloy instead of metal are called zirconium teeth. Since zirconium crown is a very strong alloy, it is used in both anterior and posterior crown bridges. Thanks to its ever-developing technology, it has gained a wide range of usage in recent years.

You can get service from our dentistry in Istanbul for zirconium dental coating and tooth whitening process.

Zirconium dental coating covers the entire surface of the tooth like a metal-based coating. For this reason, first of all, as in the classical veneer, the tooth is reduced in size from all sides under anesthesia.

After intraoral preparation is completed, measurements and all necessary records are taken and transferred to the computer system.
According to these records transferred to the computer system, zirconium in block form is prepared in 3D machines.
If there is no problem with the zirconium infrastructure, whose compatibility with the teeth is checked by rehearsal, the next stage is porcelain production.
Porcelain is processed in layers onto the zirconium substructure.
A rehearsal is made with porcelain in the mouth, and the polishing and zirconium-reinforced porcelain tooth preparation is completed, and after it is permanently bonded to the tooth, eating and drinking can be done easily.

Zirconium teeth are used in cases where both aesthetics and durability are required. For this reason, if there are missing teeth in the front teeth, zirconium coating is preferred instead of full ceramic crown or laminate veneer. Those who have zirconium crowns usually have their front teeth crowned due to missing teeth. Veneers can be used in posterior bridges or zirconium teeth can be used in bridges that are not too long. In addition, zirconium teeth can be easily preferred in areas where aesthetics are important and in implant-supported dentures. If we list the situations in which zirconium teeth are preferred:

• It is preferred for aesthetic purposes.

• It may be preferred if sufficient efficiency is not obtained from the teeth whitening process.

• It can be preferred in teeth with behavioral and posture disorders.

• Individuals who want to have a smile design can choose.

• People with dark colored teeth may prefer zirconium dental coating treatment.

Zirconium Tooth Coating Application Steps
First, the teeth are brought to the appropriate size for the coating process.
After the teeth are brought to the appropriate size, measurements are taken for veneers.
Zirconium coatings are created in a color suitable for the tooth.
Finally, the bonding process is done and you will have zirconium coatings that are no different from your own teeth.

Zirconium is used in almost many places today. However, it should not be forgotten that there is a possibility of breakage in bridges with very long trunks. If the person has all his/her teeth in the front areas and a smile design is being made for aesthetic purposes, laminate veneer or full ceramic crowns, which are more aesthetic than the condition of the teeth in the middle of the zirconium tooth models, should be preferred. In cases where zirconium teeth are missing in the front area or in cases where it is thought that using laminate and full ceramic dentures will be a problem in terms of durability (possibility of breakage) depending on the patient’s closing and chewing habits, zircon coated teeth are preferred.

Since its light transmittance is close to natural teeth, it looks very aesthetic and natural.
Since it is a tissue-friendly material, it does not cause gum bruises and irritations.
Because it is tissue-friendly, zirconium-based prostheses to be applied after gum treatment in patients with gum problems ensure the longevity of the treatment.
Since it is white in color, the gray appearance at the tooth-gingival junction that occurs over time in metal-reinforced porcelains does not occur.
It has a very resistant structure, this feature allows it to be used safely in the front and back areas.
Since its heat permeability is very low, it does not cause sensitivity in the teeth.
Since it is lighter than metal-based dentures, there is no feeling of burden when glued.
The metallic taste that occasionally occurs in metal-based porcelains does not occur in zirconium-based porcelains.
Zirconium tooth colors add an aesthetic appearance.

Zirconium teeth; It is a treatment used to strengthen and cover teeth. It is a dental coating process applied to tooth surfaces using zirconium material. It is also known as a crown or crown.
Zirconium tooth prices vary depending on the coating area to be applied and the preferred quality. You can contact our dentist to get an exact price.
Zircon teeth procedure can be preferred by individuals who use dentures and have had crown and bridge treatment.
Thanks to its special adhesive content, the zirconium coating fixed to the natural tooth does not cause situations such as falling off the tooth or dislodging. You can easily use it just like your natural teeth.
Zirconium teeth are not harmful. Zirconium coatings are one of the types of coatings that have the gingival harmony and biological harmony closest to natural teeth.
Of course it is whitened. If you follow your doctor’s advice on the day it is inserted, it is not possible for any yellowing to occur. However, in case of any yellowing, it is possible to whiten it again in a short and concise way in a clinical environment.
If you comply with your dentist’s inspections and have adequate oral care, it is possible to use your zirconium dental coating for a longer time. People who meet these criteria can use crown teeth for a lifetime.
It is not suitable for use in long tooth gaps. That is, when the patient’s missing number is present next to each other or in multiple numbers. Its price is higher compared to metal-reinforced dental crowns.
They can be easily shaped and easily converted to white. They are artificial teeth that are most similar to main teeth due to their natural image. Their contents are not metal. They are long-lasting if you take care of your oral care carefully. They are highly resistant to heat and cold.