Dr. Ezgi YAĞIM


Bachelor’s: Yedtepe University Faculty of Dentistry


Prof. dr. Ravindra Nanda ”Managing Complex Orthodontic Problems, A Biomechanics Based Approach/ Management of Complex Orthodontic Problems; A Biomechanics Based Approach “ webinar, 2020
Dr. Sinan Hamadeh “Orthodontic management of the borderline case: Camouflage vs. Surgery in the era of skeletal anchorage” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Daniele Cantarella “Management of impacted canines and camouflage cases with the MB 5.0 Straight Wire appliance “ webinarı, 2020
Dr. Susanna Palma “İnvisalign Mandibular Advancement Treatments” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Mohamed El Sayed “Parade of challenging Malocclusion treated via Vector TAS miniscrews” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Yassine Messaoudi “ contribution of 3D Technologies to meet everyday challenges of orthodontics” webinarı, 2020
prof. Dr. Yahya Tosun “Biomechanics in Orthodontics: 5N1K” webinar, 2020
Dr. Wislei Oliveira “Closing Edentulous Space in The Mandible” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Seong-Hun Kim “Integration of Roth and MBT for the new norm in the time of TSADs” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Elsa Arango “Biomechanics of extra-alveolar TAD” webinarı, 2020
Assoc. Dr. Delal Dara Kılınç “Biomechanics in Orthodontics” webinar, 2020
Dr. Vincento D2Anto “Treatment of Class II Adult Patients: Briding Gap Between Research and Clinical Practice” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Ronald Roncone “The effective, efficient, exceptional orthodontic practice” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Cenk Ceylanoğlu “Clinical Photography” webinar, 2020
Prof. Dr. Martin Palomo “Sleep Apnea and the Orthodontist” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Haris Khan and Dr. Mohammed Almuzian’s “Blending Segmented Arch and Straightwire technique” webinarı, 2020
Assoc. Dr Banu Sağlam Aydınatay “Orthodontic Treatment and Temporomandibular Disorders” webinar, 2020
Dr. Cihan Capan “ Distalization for every taste” webinar, 2020
Dr. Ravindra Nanda “Non Surgical Management of Openbite: Smart Mechanics and TADs” webinar, 2020
prof. Dr. Haluk İşeri “Growth and Development” webinar, 2020.
Prof. dr. Haluk İşeri “Surgery First” webinar, 2020
Dr. Cenk Ahmet Akcan “Systems using self-connecting passive brackets” webinar, 2020
Dr. Enzo Pasciuti- Sequential and Segmental Distalization in Clear Aligner therapy: Two Different Approaches to Reach Predictable Results” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Silvia Caruso “Clincheck Basic starts in 1 hour” webinarı, 2020
Arda Dingiloğlu “Aligner Biomechanics and Clincheck Incorporation” webinar, 2020
Prof. Dr. Kleber Meireles “ The Use of Bends &Loops For Refinement of Occlusion “ webinarı, 2020 Dr. Hector Garcia Alatore “Mastering the Finishing with the Invisalign System” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Yüksel Alev “Early Maxillary Expansion” webinar, 2020
Odt. Stefano Negrini “ Designing Appliances: A Daily 3D workflow in the orthodontic laboratory” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Franklin She “Management of Maxillary Protrusion & Gummy Smile” webinarı, 2020
Prof. Dr. Chung How Kai “Management of facial asymmetry” webinarı, 2020
Dr. Cihan Aydoğan “Saklıtel: The Journey of a Personalized Lingual System from Production to Application” Webinar
”Clinical Applications in Incognito Lingual Appliance System – Prof.Dr. Beyza Hancıoğlu Kırcelli ” Webinar
Dr.Cenk Ceylanoğlu “One Step Forward in Dental Photography” Webinar
Prof.Dr.Ayça Arman Özçırpıcı “Early Orthodontic Treatment” Webinar
Prof. Dr. Murat Tozlu “How Can You Produce Aligners in Your Clinic?” Webinar, 2020
Assoc. Dr. Murat Çağlaroğlu “Conservative Treatment of TMJ Problems” Webinar, 2020
prof. Dr. Nejat Erverdi “Contemporary Approaches in the Treatment of Skeletal Class 3 Malocclusion” Webinar, 2020
Prof. dr. Ahmet Keleş “The 20-Year Journey of Molar Distalization: Keleş Slider” Webinar, 2020
prof. Dr. Nejat Erverdi “Skeletal Anchor Assisted Anterior Open Closure Treatment” Webinar, 2020
Infection Control Program and Clinical Operation, 2017
Work and Emergency Safety, 2015
Infection Control, 2015
Basic Life Support, 2015
Use of Rotary Systems in Root Canal Preparations, 2015
Chemical Safety and Waste Management, 2015
Kerr Using Twisted File in Endodontics and Restoration with Sonic File, 2015
Southern Teeth- CEREC Usage, 2015

17th Turkish Orthodontic Society International Virtual Congress 2021
Dr. Chris CHANG, “ Simplify your orthodontic approaches with technology” Kursu, İstanbul, 2020
GencTOD Prof. Dr. Ufuk Toygar MEMİKOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Hakan KARASU, Dr. Instructor Member Hilmi BÜYÜKÇAVUŞ, Assoc. Dr. Yavuz FINDIK, Dr. Instructor Member Neslihan Ebru ŞENIŞIK Orthognathic Surgery Seminar, Isparta, 2020
Turkish Aligner Association 1st Seminar “Future is wireless”, Istanbul, 2019
GencTOD Prof. Dr. Nejat ERVERDİ, Intra-Bone Anchorage and Clinical Applications Seminar in Orthodontics, Istanbul, 2019
GençTOD Assoc. Dr. Evren ÖZTAŞ, Seminar on the Formation Mechanism, Prevention Methods and Treatments of Whitehead Lesions During and After Orthodontic Treatment, Istanbul, 2019
GençTOD Assoc. Aslıhan Uzel Occlusion & TME Seminar, Adana, 2018
GencTOD, Prof. Dr. Nazan KÜÇÜKKELEŞ , Treatment Options in Class II Maocclusion Seminar, Istanbul, 2018 3D Digital Transformation in Dentistry Congress, Istanbul, 2017
GREATIST International Dentistry Congress, Istanbul, 2016
Kızılay – Yeditepe University East Black Sea Public Health Project Dentistry Coordinator, Karadeniz, 2015