Dental caries that are not treated for a long time, for various reasons bacteria reach the pulp tissue or as a result of trauma to the tooth pulp tissue can become inflamed. In this case, cold and hot sensitivity, tooth discoloration, severe pain that occurs spontaneously and especially at night, swelling of the face due to abscess are observed.

The purpose of root canal therapy is to remove inflamed tissues and fill the remaining space with tissue-friendly materials. It is a treatment that provides over 90% success.

When filling the canal, it is important to take X-rays at various stages and fill it up to the end of the root.

What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

As a result of inflammation of the pulp tissue, very severe pain and lesions can be seen at the root end of the tooth. This can cause tooth loss. Root canal treatment prevents the loss of these teeth and restorations are done for many years to function and provide aesthetic use.

This is a great advantage to have a more economical treatment than implant or bridge treatments that may be needed as a result of tooth extraction. Tooth extraction without root canal treatment will be a faulty application.

Why does discoloration occur in tooth treated root canal treatment and how is it removed?

During root canal treatment, the pulp tissue of the tooth is removed and the water in the structure of the tooth cannot be fed. Depending on the filling material used in the canal, the color of the tooth may darken. Root canal treatment, depending on the colorings, a special whitening treatment can be applied to restore the color of the tooth to normal.

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Implant Treatment

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